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Dr. Michael J. Reed | Accident Treatment Centers

Michael J. Reed, D.C.

About Michael

Michael J. Reed, D.C. has a passion for athletics. He was born and raised locally in Waukegan. In his teen years he wrestled and played both football and baseball for Waukegan High School.

Michael J. Reed, D.C. was always interested in health and wellness, he completed his Bachelors Degree in Biology from Western Illinois University. He then went on to earn his Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine, and a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation. Michael J. Reed, D.C. is also a certified Emergency Medical Technician.

Michael J. Reed, D.C. currently works with several sports teams including Trinity International University, Waukegan Youth Wrestling Team and Waukegan High School.

Michael J. Reed, D.C. serves on the Waukegan Chamber of Commerce.


Chiropractic Physician

Accident Treatment Centers

Auto Accident • Workplace Injury • Sports Injury

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