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How To Find The Right Doctor For You After An Accident

How to Find the Right Doctor For You After an Accident

After a traumatic incident, people are usually eager to get on the road to recovery. It’s important that you seek treatment as soon as possible after the accident. However, it’s also important that you find the right doctor for you and your case. There is a lot to consider when choosing someone to trust with your health, and we’ve rounded up some of the most essential things to consider in your search.

They respect you

One of the biggest concerns patients have is finding a doctor who treats them right. Doctors should see their patients as more than just a case number, but rather through a holistic lens and evaluate how each treatment will impact various facets of their patients’ lives. After an accident, it’s easy to feel embarrassed or have a bruised ego, so during this particularly sensitive time it helps to have a good support system, including the treatment team. By reading previous patient reviews, scheduling a meeting beforehand, or getting a referral from a trusted friend, injured people can have better chances of selecting a doctor that they will get along with. 

They work with your attorney and insurance company

Car accidents impact more than just the victims’ physical health, but also their mental well-being and financial situation. When a treatment team understands this and works to ensure a whole-picture recovery, it takes stress off of the patient so that they can focus on getting better. Doctors who work at accident-specific clinics usually have expertise in collaborating with various local attorneys and insurance companies to make everything as seamless as possible. By taking detailed notes and providing documentation to the legal teams, doctors can make the accident recovery quicker and easier for everyone involved. To ensure that your doctor will communicate with your legal team, call ahead of your appointment and ask about who they work with.

They should be experienced in accident-specific injuries

When a doctor specializes in accident injuries, they see these types of traumas every day. That means that they know what pains and aches are most common and how to treat them. A sprained ankle caused by running can be vastly different from a sore ankle after a car accident. By knowing the incident that led to the injury, and having experience in those categories of injuries, doctors are better able to make a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Be sure that you are honest when recounting the experience to give your doctor as much context as possible so that they can give you the best treatment possible. 

They should be able to refer you to specialists

While an accident treatment doctor can usually handle the majority of the recovery, there are instances where certain patients may need to see a specialist. Whether that be a chiropractor, physical therapist, or even a surgeon, it helps to have some direction on who to see. Doctors with connections to other specialists who have seen similar injuries from accidents can help patients have a better recovery. You can always ask your doctor if they can refer you to a specialist if further intervention is needed.

Choose wisely

With so many considerations to remember when choosing a doctor, it might seem overwhelming to find a doctor who checks all of the boxes. That’s why at Accident Treatment Centers we provide you with all you need for a speedy recovery. Our network of specialists works together to provide the best care possible after any of your unforeseen injuries, from car accidents to work injuries, to sports injuries. In addition to a whole team of doctors being available for your recovery, we also work with attorneys and insurance to help patients see a full return to normalcy as soon as possible. Our one-stop shop is the best place to work on your health after any number of accidents.

If you or a loved one is looking for help after an accident, click here to learn more.

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