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About Angie

Ms. Osmanski is a Certified Physician Assistant specializing in Pain Management. She is certified as an instructor for CPR and First Aid and has taught multiple courses in the Chicago area. Ms. Osmanski is also a certified personal trainer helping clients to incorporate healthier lifestyle modifications. Ms. Osmanski served in the US Peace Corps in northern Cameroon for two and a half years providing educational resources to underserved locations. In Cameroon, she focused on HIV/AIDS and sanitation, and worked on a project with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees teaching preventative techniques for malaria and other common infectious diseases.

Ms. Osmanki’s goal is to provide her patients the most compassionate and professional treatment. She will never hesitate to lend a helping hand and go above and beyond for all of her patients to improve their outcomes. In her free time Ms. Osmanski helps train marathon runners for Coach Brendan Runners, an organization that funds programs that assist students and families in low income neighborhoods. In addition, she is a volunteer helping with startup of Ryan Banks Academy, which will be Chicago’s first boarding school for urban youth.


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