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4 Ways We Can Help You Avoid Surgery

4 Ways We Can Help You Avoid Surgery

Following an accident or injury, you might become worried that you will need surgery to recover and heal. While surgery can often be life-saving and essential, there are many reasons to avoid surgery when at all possible. The long preparation and recovery process along with the risks that can accompany an operation may be able to be sidestepped using alternate methods. Here are 4 ways that we can help you avoid surgery through chiropractic care or physical therapy. 


Preventing compression of spinal discs

Compression of spine disks

Car accidents can place a large amount of pressure on your spine. This pressure can lead to compression on your vertebrae, can be painful and lead to other issues. Chiropractic adjustments including decompression can help create the proper spacing in your spine, both relieving the pain and allowing your recovery process to continue. 

Our treatments can help take pressure off of nerves and muscles, allowing the body to heal itself. Attempting less invasive treatments with one of our doctors is usually a good idea, and is commonly recommended before you opt for back surgery. 


Providing pain relief

Pain relief

One of the major reasons that people undergo surgery is to relieve pain. Physical therapists and chiropractors are great at helping find ways to get you back to feeling like yourself. Whether you’re struggling with back, neck, hip, or other pains, our doctors have years of experience in treating accident injuries and can help find the best treatment plan for you. You don’t have to live in pain—relief is often easier than you’d expect.


Receive a whole body evaluation

Whole Body Evaluation

While surgery can be unavoidable at times and a helpful solution to medical problems when warranted, our team looks at your body as a whole and finds the root of your pain, even if it’s seemingly unrelated. For example, a headache could be caused by misaligned hips, causing problems in the spine and neck which leads to headaches. By taking a holistic approach, we are able to see you as a person, not just a problem to be solved.


Intervene early

Early intervention

Getting to the issue early is often key in preventing surgery and limiting pain. This early intervention can prevent injuries from compounding on each other and leading to further complications. The sooner you address any potential issues you are experiencing the better. At Accident Treatment Centers, we are available to help you from day one so you can feel better faster. 


Surgery isn’t the only option

Before jumping into the world of surgery and committing to an invasive and expensive procedure, you should do your research, feel comfortable with your decision and get a second opinion. Talking to several experts will give you peace of mind that all of your treatment options were exhausted before finally accepting that surgery may be the best option for you. We have a wide network of doctors who are ready to help you recover with a plan personalized to your injuries. After car accidents, we are here to help you.


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