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Restarting America | Dr. Chris Calarco | Accident Treatment Centers

Dr. Chris Calarco featured on Restarting America podcast

Currently, the spread of coronavirus has impacted many businesses, especially in larger cities where it has led many to temporarily close. While a large number of businesses have already reopened, the effects of COVID-19 will continue to be felt long after resuming activity.

Dr. Chris Calarco, a chiropractor and co-owner of Accident Treatment Centers (ATC), was recently featured on the Restarting America podcast. In the podcast episode, Calarco discusses how the current health pandemic has affected his company, a clinical network of physicians specialized in the treatment of auto and work-related accidents, and how they are adapting to new circumstances. 

One aspect that Dr. Calarco is striving to continue to implement during this time at ATC amongst doctors, patients, and the legal community is good communication. Throughout the podcast, he shares about why listening is an integral part of ATC’s business practices. 

Dr. Calarco says that during this time he’s learned the importance of having a plan, yet also being willing to roll with the punches. 

“Have a framework of how you think things are going to play out, but then be flexible,” he said. “And really take that feedback, implement change, and just try to improve every day.”

97 Switch, a digital marketing agency based in Chicago, created Restarting America to talk about how business owners are handling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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