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Headaches 101: What Can Cause Them And How To Treat Them | Accident Treatment Centers

Headaches 101: What Can Cause Them and How to Treat Them

Chances are you’ve had a headache before. Headaches can be caused by stress, changes in your sleeping schedule, and your genetics. A minor headache will cause discomfort for just a short amount of time, but more serious ones, such as a migraine, can linger and keep you from going about your normal routine. Here’s a little bit about what can cause headaches and how to treat them.

Causes of headaches

Headaches 101: What Can Cause Them and How to Treat Them | Accident Treatment Centers

A number of conditions can cause you to get a headache. Knowing what causes your headaches can help you better treat them. Here are a few causes of headaches listed below. 

  • Stress: Any type of stress could potentially spark a headache. This includes emotional and physical stress. If you’re anxious because of work, sleeping differently than normal, or experiencing physical stress and pain from an injury, it could cause a headache.
  • Environment: Where you are can be just as important as what you’re doing. Strong scents, like tobacco or household chemicals, intense lighting, or loud noises can all induce a headache.
  • Genetics: Sometimes your genetic makeup causes headaches. This is especially common for young people who experience migraines. Most people who experience them at a young age also have family members who suffer from them as well.

Treating headaches

Headaches 101: What Can Cause Them and How to Treat Them | Accident Treatment Centers

There are a variety of ways to treat a headache. Of course, if you feel like the pain you’re experiencing may be more serious, contact your doctor. Below is a list of three ways you can manage your headaches.

  • Medication: A number of over-the-counter medicines can help treat headaches. Brand name medicines like Advil, Aleve, Motrin, and Tylenol can all help reduce the pain. Or, if you need stronger medicine, you can get a prescription from your doctor for the pain. 
  • Home remedies: You can use what you already have in your house to help relieve pain from a headache. A cool cloth on your forehead can help reduce the pain. Laying down in a quiet room and resting for a bit can bring some relief. Sometimes having a bit of caffeine can help relieve a headache. 
  • Chiropractic care: Visiting a chiropractor could also help treat your headache. Chiropractic care can provide the same relief that you would get from many over-the-counter medicines but it comes without the side effects that can cause some lingering effects. Spinal adjustments can help treat parts of your body that spark headaches and chiropractic exercises can help ease muscle tension and physical stress that may be causing headaches. 

Living headache free

A headache shouldn’t stop you from going about your day. Identifying what is causing your headache can help you treat it efficiently. Over-the-counter medicines and at-home remedies can help reduce the pain. Visiting a chiropractor can make a major difference too and get you feeling right again. 

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