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How Seeing A Chiropractor & MD Can Help Speed Your Recovery

How Seeing A Chiropractor & MD Can Help Speed Your Recovery

After an accident, you might be left with a fair share of wounds, both emotional and physical. There’s no need to deal with the pain alone, and making an appointment with a chiropractor and MD can expedite your recovery and provide substantial support. There are so many reasons to see a chiropractor after a car accident, rather than relying solely on general physical therapy, where the staff might not necessarily be as prolific in training or experience as a chiropractor or MD would be. If you are given a script to go to physical therapy from a chiropractor or MD, it’s because the additional treatment will work in tandem with their work.

It’s also not wise to try and self-heal, as you’ll most likely prolong your suffering and lose potential knowledge in how to keep the body healthier and less accident-prone. By combining the tools and tricks of chiropractors and MDs together, you’ll be on route to feeling back to normal in no time.

Therapy Is Safe & Non-Invasive

Chiropractic care involves realigning joints, stretching, heat and ice therapy, massage, DNS, and functional rehabilitation, all of which are safe and non-invasive chiropractic techniques. Many high-quality doctors and chiropractors go through extensive training to better serve the body and guarantee that the patient is in reliable hands. With over 30+ chiropractors at MHS, the team is well versed in DNS training, muscle activation technique (MAT), active release techniques (ART), COX flexion distraction, and other forms of furthering education) These strategies will not only speed your immediate recovery, but they’ll also keep you healthier in the long run by establishing better habits. 

Medication & Treatment Work Well Together

How Seeing A Chiropractor & MD Can Help Speed Your Recovery

Directly following a car accident, you might experience conditions that require prescribed medication to decrease inflammation and pain. This is where an MD can help, as chiropractors aren’t able to provide prescription drugs to their patients. Chiropractors and MDs can really complement one another in this aspect, as MDs can assist with immediate relief through pharmaceutical care and chiropractors can simultaneously work on realigning the body and providing both emotional encouragement and musculoskeletal care. MD’s are unable to provide musculoskeletal training, which is pivotal in healing whiplash, car accident injuries, and body mechanics, the latter of which can lead to dangerous biomechanical changes in the body years following the accident, if left untreated.

It Follows A Holistic Approach

How Seeing A Chiropractor & MD Can Help Speed Your Recovery

Chiropractors don’t just heal the body through manipulation techniques and spinal adjustments; they also look at the big picture through a holistic lens. Following an accident, multiple areas can be affected within both physical and emotional health. A chiropractor examines the whole body and mind through the healing process and considers diet, exercise, and lifestyle factors to promote body maintenance once the recovery process is complete. These healthy habits and goals will keep your body working optimally, and it’ll promote a greater quality of life. It can often be hard for an MD to provide enough support, beyond surface level, when there are so many patients to tend to, and a chiropractor can devote the time and energy to work on the whole body and mind to relieve both physical and mental trauma following an accident.

Symptoms Can Be Delayed

How Seeing A Chiropractor & MD Can Help Speed Your Recovery

You might leave a car accident with a slight bump or bruise, or even no scratch at all. However, symptoms of a car accident injury can be delayed, and if you don’t see an MD and chiropractor early enough, you might encounter greater hardships later in life. Documenting a visit to an MD and acceptance of medicine can help a potential case or claim (if need be) and provide immediate relief, while seeing a chiropractor after an accident will boost the healing process and keep the body feeling consistently fit and agile.

It’s Educational

After seeing a chiropractor following a car accident, you’ll definitely start to gain more mobility and flexibility in the joints and feel optimistic about your recovery. However, this optimism doesn’t stop once you’ve healed: chiropractic care is highly educational and beneficial for long-term health and happiness. Together, the patient and doctor will set goals relative to nutrition, exercise, stress-relief, and body-care. These chiropractic techniques decrease your risk of injury and enhance your quality of life, keeping you feeling younger and stronger.

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