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5 Steps To Take In Seeking Treatment After A Work Accident

5 Steps To Take In Seeking Treatment After A Work Accident

The office can be a dangerous place: between stressful deadlines and that open filing cabinet that never seems to be closed, there’s ample opportunity for an accident to occur. If you’re in a career that requires manual labor, your odds of injury are even higher. If you’re seeking treatment following a work accident, it’s best to be informed of the logistics prior to meeting with a professional. Maximizing your worker’s compensation benefits will also help you cover the medical costs and have a smooth path to recovery. Here are 5 steps to take in getting the treatment you deserve.

Tell Your Employer 

If you find yourself in a work related accident, you must inform your employer of your work related injury immediately. If you don’t give notice within the amount of days accepted by state law, then you won’t be entitled to your work benefits. In order to alleviate the financial burden due to medical bills and missed work days, make sure to meet the deadline.

File A Claim Immediately

It’s important to not delay treatment following a work related accident, as every day past the onset will make it harder for you to file a valid claim and maximize your benefits. By acting early, you are more likely to receive medical care, covered costs, and lost wages from time off. Once you’ve filed a claim, and it’s been approved, you’ll be free to seek medical treatment from an accepted provider. If your doctor doesn’t take worker’s compensation, find a doctor who does. 

Inquire About Your Worker’s Compensation

Learning more about the details and intricacies of your worker’s compensation package ahead of time will help you be more prepared in work related accidents. Ask your employer’s human resources department about the insurance plan in place, as you’ll need to provide the name of the insurance upon arrival at your doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic. If for some reason your insurance company doesn’t approve your claim, have your medical provider appeal it.

Be Honest About Your Injury

5 Steps To Take In Seeking Treatment After A Work Accident

While you might think that keeping secrets can better your chances of receiving worker’s compensation benefits and medical treatment, it’s quite the opposite. Disclosing all information about your accident is your best shot at maximizing your benefits and having more financial freedom. Mention previous injuries and treatments you’ve undergone and give full details about the event. As long as your claim is still open, your compensation could be in jeopardy.

See A Physician That Suits Your Needs

By seeing a chiropractor after a work related accident, you’ll be able to heal the body and use holistic remedies to enhance quality of life, long-term. By treating neck and back pain that could’ve resulted from the accident, you’ll be establishing healthy habits that you can then integrate into your daily life moving forward, for greater agility and decreased risk of future injuries.

If you find yourself in a work related accident, follow these simple steps for total protection and a more efficient recovery. If you’re interested in meeting with a chiropractor, you can find a chiropractor within our network.

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