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What To Know About Sleeping After A Car Accident | Accident Treatment Centers

What to Know About Sleeping After a Car Accident

Car accidents happen every minute of every day. They can cause serious injuries and leave those involved with varying degrees of pain afterwards. While many physical injuries may be obvious in the immediate aftermath of an accident, there are also plenty of side effects an accident that are less obvious. Many involved in an auto accident report sleeping more than normal after it. Anyone that discovers any sort of physical pain or notices other out of the ordinary behavior, like an increased need for sleep, should consider visiting a chiropractor to determine the best road to recovery.

Knowing Why You’re Abnormally Tired

What to Know About Sleeping After a Car Accident | Accident Treatment Centers

If you notice yourself struggling to stay awake during most of the day following a car accident, it could be an indication that you suffered a head or brain injury. Some soreness and tiredness are common after an accident, however if the pain and sleepiness remain for more than a week, or the tiredness seems extreme, it could be signs of something more serious. Getting proper medical care is essential to eventually return to your normal sleep schedule and full health, but first it’s important to understand the extent of your injury.

Determining the Severity of Your Head Injury

What to Know About Sleeping After a Car Accident | Accident Treatment Centers

Car accidents can produce many different types of head injuries. Whiplash is among the most common and is caused when someone’s head is jolted suddenly by the impact of a crash. The pain from whiplash is caused by muscles and tendons stretching in unnatural ways due to the force of the accident, and side effects can include headaches and tiredness.

Car accidents are also a leading cause of concussions. A concussion occurs as a result of an extreme force or blow to the head. This is more likely if someone’s head comes into contact with something else or is hit by debris during the crash. The force to the head can cause the brain to move slightly, producing chemical changes and damaging brain cells. While concussions vary in severity, they should never be taken lightly. As with whiplash, unusual sleepiness and headaches are a side effect.

One of the most serious types of head injuries caused by an accident is a hemorrhage. A hemorrhage is a brain injury that occurs when there is internal bleeding between the head and the thin exterior tissues on the brain. Like a concussion, it’s a closed head injury caused by a similar force to the head in which the brain bangs against the side of the head and bruises. Along with extreme headaches and tiredness, discomfort around bright lights and vision problems are also symptoms of a brain hemorrhage.

Sleeping Comfortably Again

What to Know About Sleeping After a Car Accident | Accident Treatment Centers

Once someone who is involved in a car accident is able to return to a normal sleep schedule, there are many steps they can take to ensure that they are sleeping comfortably. Many chiropractors recommend specific sleeping positions to remedy pain caused by injuries from the car accident. Taking extra precautions in the aftermath of an accident can be the difference in expediting the recovery process.

Feeling Awake and Back on Track

What to Know About Sleeping After a Car Accident | Accident Treatment Centers

Car accidents can take so much from their victims including the ability for them to stay alert and awake in the aftermath of an accident. Understanding that abnormal sleepiness may be a sign of a head or brain injury is the first step to getting better. Consulting a medical professional like a chiropractor can get you back on track to your normal wide-awake routine.

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