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5 Sleeping Tips to Minimize Neck Pain

If you’ve experienced neck pain, you know that it can make sleeping a difficult task that leaves you more exhausted and sore than before. However, sleep is one of the most important ways that you can heal your neck pain, so it’s essential to figure out a way to sleep pain free. Here are 5 sleeping tips to minimize neck pain and get you back to doing what you love.

Choose the right pillow for you

Sleeping Tips To Minimize Neck Pain-Choose the right pillow

Many people think that the softer the pillow the better, and they go off of what feels best when purchasing a new pillow. However, there are specific types of pillows that are best for each sleeping position and that will help reduce neck pain.

Back sleepers should consider memory foam or water pillows. These support the neck rather than just the head, conforming to the exact shape that your body needs. It is recommended that people who sleep on their stomachs use the thinnest pillow possible, or no pillow at all. Lastly, side sleepers should use a firm pillow and a pillow between their knees. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that you want your spine to remain straight and in-line, no matter how you sleep.

Stretch your neck before bed and when waking up

Sleeping Tips To Minimize Neck Pain-Stretch neck

A lot of neck pain comes from stiffness, so trying to combat that by stretching your neck before and after bed can be extremely helpful. Try rolling your head from side to side a few times. You can also lock your hands behind your head and push your head back gently into your hands for a few seconds at a time. Lastly, try gently pushing your head to your shoulder for a few seconds on each side.

Sleep on your side or your back

Sleeping Tips To Minimize Neck Pain-Sleep on your back

Sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain, which can aggravate your neck pain. If you are a stomach sleeper, you may want to attempt a different sleeping position. However, there are ways to help relieve the pressure on your back if that doesn’t work.

Hugging a body pillow can give you the feeling of sleeping on your stomach, without the awkward position for your spine. You can also try putting a pillow or a rolled up towel under your pelvis to help avoid stress on your lower back, which would impact your neck as well. Ultimately, sleeping alterations are better than poor quality of sleep, so consider what is best for you.

Use a heating pad before bed and when waking up

Sleeping Tips To Minimize Neck Pain-Use heating pad

Along with stretching your neck, sometimes heat can help release tension in your neck. Using a heating pad shortly before bed can help you relax and get to bed more comfortably and quickly. Then in the morning, using a heating pad again will help relieve any soreness that the night brought on. This easy tip can get you ready for the day faster and help you feel better.

Don’t use your phone before bed

Sleeping Tips To Minimize Neck Pain-Phone before bed

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but you might not have thought about the implications that using a phone could have on your neck. When you look down at your phone, you are exerting a large amount of pressure on your neck. This can lead to something called “text neck” that can cause general neck pain. Especially before bed, straining your neck can make it harder to fall asleep.

There are also studies that suggest that bluelight from your phone can disrupt your body’s production of melatonin, which gets your body ready for sleep. If your quality of sleep is lowered from blue light, your body won’t be able to heal as efficiently. Sleep is an important aspect in the healing process, so you should do everything you can to sleep soundly.

Get a good night’s sleep again

It can be frustrating to live with neck pain, and even more frustrating to feel exhausted from a bad night’s sleep. These tips in conjunction with chiropractic care can help you return to your normal life and be pain free again. 

If you’re looking for a chiropractor to help you feel better, please contact us here.

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