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4 Tips For Safe Driving In A City | Accident Treatment Centers

4 Tips for Safe Driving in a City

If most of your driving experiences growing up were on spacious, empty roads in rural areas, then adjusting to city driving may be intimidating. Compact areas of traffic, thousands of pedestrians, and more exits than you’re used to can lead to dangerous situations when navigating a city. Follow these four practices to stay safe while driving in urban areas. 

Manage your stress

4 Tips for Safe Driving in a City | Accident Treatment Centers

With horns honking and tons of cars to your left and right, it’s easy to get stressed driving in a city. Managing your levels of anxiety is important. Doing so will keep your decision making sharp and lead to safer travel. 

If you’re feeling stressed, take a few deep breaths. Play some calming music that will help you focus rather than distract you. Most importantly, don’t let erratic drivers get to your head. If you get cut off or passed in an unsafe way, don’t let it throw you off and don’t try to compete with an aggressive driver. Keep your cool and focus on your own vehicle. 

Keep your distance 

4 Tips for Safe Driving in a City | Accident Treatment Centers

City traffic generally leads to a higher frequency of sudden stops, lane changes, and unpredictable drivers. It’s good practice to leave more space between yourself and the cars around you because of this. Doing so will give you a few extra crucial seconds in stressful driving situations and make an important difference.

If you identify an erratic or dangerous driver, it’s an especially good idea to keep your distance. Scan frequently for those who don’t obey the traffic laws or drive dangerously and try to stay further away from them. 

Be aware of cyclists 

4 Tips for Safe Driving in a City | Accident Treatment Centers

Driving in the city means you will encounter more cyclists. Although cyclists are supposed to obey the same traffic laws as those in vehicles, it isn’t always that simple. It’s important to know how to share the road with cyclists and be ready when they make mistakes. 

Make sure to slow down when passing cyclists. Doing so will leave you more prepared if a bike swerves in front of you or crashes. You should always have enough time to stop to avoid a collision, and if it’s completely unavoidable, a slower speed will mean less chance of serious injuries or damage. 

Use hands-free navigation 

4 Tips for Safe Driving in a City | Accident Treatment Centers

If you just moved to a new city, driving while seeking directions and finding exits can be hectic. It’s easy to end up with your eyes glued to your phone or a map. However, this should be avoided. Use the hands-free navigation option in your vehicle whenever possible with the directions read out loud digitally.

With more than one person in the car, consider having the person in the passenger seat focus on the directions. This will leave the driver able to fully focus on driving through the hectic city traffic in a safe way.

If an accident happens

Following these four tips will greatly improve your safety while driving in a city. If an accident does happen, it’s important to be prepared. Seek medical attention and don’t hesitate to call 9-1-1 immediately for serious injuries. 

For handling long-term pain from a car accident, chiropractic care can be an excellent option. Getting a professional to craft a unique plan to alleviate your back and neck pain will often be the best way to recover quickly and feel good again. 

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